Regulations specify the conditions for the reservation and rental of Apartments placed on the website,, booking portals and directly in the facility. Making a reservation means concluding the apartment rental agreement between Parell Nieruchomości, Wioletta Michalak-Parell, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, and the booking Guest, on the conditions specified in the regulations.

1. The Lessor gives the whole of the apartment for use with furniture and equipment (RTV devices, household appliances).

2. The hotel day lasts from 16:00 on the day of arrival to 10:00 am on the day of departure.

3. After booking, the Guest receives detailed information on handing over the keys to the apartment to the e-mail address provided.

4. The Guest is obliged to notify by e-mail or by phone at the time of his arrival to the Apartment, at the latest one day before the date of arrival.

5. The registration procedure requires the Guest to show a photo ID or passport and sign the Registration Card. The apartment can only be rented by an adult.

6. In the Apartments and the tenement house, the night silence must be observed from 22:00 to 7:00.

7. The number of people staying in the apartment must match the number of people specified during the booking. In the event of breaching of this rule, the Lessor has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, without the obligation to refund the amount due to the remaining booking period or to charge the additional fee for another person staying in the apartment.

8. Due to the safety and comfort of guests, smoking and the use of illegal substances are strictly forbidden in the Apartment, on the terrace and in the entire building. For breaking the ban, the guest will be charged with costs of ozoning the room of PLN 1,000.

9. Any damage or damage that the Guest will find when receiving the Apartment, the Guest is obliged to immediately report to the Employer of the Lessor. Lack of notification may result in the Guest being charged for repair costs.

10. The Lessor reserves the right to charge a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 500 against any damage by pre-authorization of the credit card or cash withdrawal. The Lessor reserves the right to charge the Guest's credit card for damage caused during his stay.

11. In the apartment there is free WI-FI and free TV channels, if you order paid channels, movies, games, etc. The guest will be charged with a fee for a paid channel / film / game / etc, according to the operator's rates.

12. For all kinds of damage, destruction or lack of objects and technical equipment of the Apartment caused by the fault of the Guest or people visiting it, the Guest of the Apartment bears full responsibility. For the damage caused, the Guest is financially responsible, not objectively - he can not buy back the damaged items on his own. In the event of any damage, the Guest should notify the Lessor.

13. The Lessor undertakes to remove any defects arising in the Apartment without undue delay, within 24 hours of reporting the defect, unless the nature of the defect determines a longer repair time. Failures caused by reasons beyond the Owner's control, including, for example, the delivery of media, the Internet or equipment failures in the Apartment, do not constitute grounds for cancellation of the reservation or change of the price for the reservation made. In the case of circumstances that are impossible to predict, the consequences of which can not be eliminated immediately, the Lessor reserves the right to propose a substitute apartment to the Guest.

14. In the event of occurrences of force majeure, the Lessor has the right to withdraw from the contract. This also applies to cases in which the personal security of the Guest or his property can not be guaranteed for reasons beyond the Owner's control. The amounts paid by the Guest are then subject to immediate refund, minus the amounts due
or services already provided.

15. The Guest is obliged to keep the Apartment in the condition it was in at the beginning of the stay. The moving of furniture and household appliances / audio / video devices that are part of the Apartment's equipment without the consent of the Lessor is prohibited.

16. The Lessor is not responsible for the personal belongings of the Guest left or stolen from the Apartment in the event of burglary.

17. In the case of losing the key to the Guest Suite, a fee of PLN 100 will be charged (in words, one hundred zlotys).

18. The Lessor does not agree for the stay of any animals in the apartment.

19. The right to enter the service of the Lessor to the Apartment rented by the Guest shall be left only in case of noticing the guests' security threats, non-compliance with the Apartment Rules or the Apartment's non-release on the day of departure until 10:00.

20. In the event of no room being left by 10:00, the Lessor's service is entitled to enter the Apartment in the absence of the Guest, to pack his belongings and transfer them to a safe place and to charge the Guest at the expense of the next day.

21. The apartment is only for residential purposes. It is forbidden to organize events, photo sessions, stag nights, hen nights, etc. For the violation of the above prohibition, the guest will be charged a fine of PLN 1,000.

22. The Guest may not give the Apartment sublease or free of charge use to third parties.

23. An earlier departure of the Guest, for reasons beyond the Owner's control, does not entitle him to demand reimbursement of the unused benefit.

24. The Lessor may refrain from charging a fee for one child up to 3 years, sleeping with adults on the current bed and not requiring additional bedding. When making the booking, the Guest is obliged to inform about this circumstance.

25. The Lessor reserves the right not to issue keys to guests who are under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or behaving aggressively, thus posing a direct threat to other people and property.

26. The Lessor is not responsible for any inconvenience caused during the stay of the Guest related to: noise coming from other apartments, construction or finishing works that can be carried out on the building and around it. The landlord is not responsible for interruptions in the supply of utilities (eg electricity, water, Internet, TV) for reasons beyond the Owner's control.

27. The Lessor is not liable for any claims in the event of an accident, personal injury or death of the Guest or third parties in the Apartment during the Guest's stay.


1. Direct booking: by phone (under number +48 609 614 075) or by email ( requires advance payment in the amount of the first night within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of the initial reservation by the Lessor to the given bank number. The remaining amount for the stay in the Apartment is required to be paid in cash or by card on arrival at the time of the check-in. In the event that the payment is not recorded in due time, the Lessor reserves the right to dispose of the Apartment free of charge meaning that it may be reserved for another Guest. Due to delays in the execution of payment orders, please send a confirmation of making a prepayment by email to: Guest has the right to cancel the reservation free of charge 14 days before the date of arrival, after this date the prepayment is not refundable. The shortening of the stay should be made at least 14 days before the planned arrival. The decision to change less than 14 days
before arrival results in no price change.
Details of transfer:

Parell Nieruchomości, Wioletta Michalak-Parell
ul. Kościuszki 61, 81-703 Sopot
Account number:
PLN Account:
Nr IBAN: PL81 1140 2017 0000 4102 1190 2790
EURO Account:
Nr PL40 1140 2017 0000 4312 0147 1531

The title of payment should include the reservation number, guest name and date of arrival. Unidentified payments will be sent back to the account from which they were transferred, after deduction of administrative costs.

2. After booking, the guest receives an e-mail confirming the reservation. The remaining amount for the stay is payable in cash or by card on arrival at check-in.

3. The guest is obliged to pay a climatic fee in cash, PLN 2.17 / day / person in Gdańsk.

4. The guest is obliged to cover the cost of cleaning the apartment. The fee is PLN 80 and is charged simultaneously with the payment for the stay.

5. At the Guest's request, the Lessor issues an invoice. During the guest's registration, it is required to
provide the invoice details.

6. The Lessor may resign from renting the Apartment or change its reservation only in the event of a force majeure, making it impossible to rent the Apartment. By force majeure is meant: natural disasters, apartment occupancy by the state authority, strikes, wars, riots and deprivation of the apartment by the supplier: electricity, heating energy or water.


1. When making a reservation, the Guest agrees to put his personal data in the database. These data will be processed only for the purpose of booking, facilitating subsequent reservations and for marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data.
The above data will not be transferred or sold to any third parties.

2. In the event of any disputes that may arise from actions not included in these regulations, the provisions
of the Polish Civil Code shall apply. Disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the seat of the Lessor.

Gdańsk, 20/03/2015

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